Plague Index

This page is an index of posts on the Plague. Some of these posts are from Heavenfield my other blog on medieval history.

Molecular Biology and Epidemiology

Plague and Famine

Plague Dynamics and Vectors

Pneumonic Plague Transmission

Immune Response to the Plague

Book Reviews

First Plague Pandemic – the Plague of Justinian, 541-c. 750

Some of these posts are on my early medieval blog, Heavenfield.

Pestilence in the Works of the Venerable Bede (d. 735)

Second Plague Pandemic – ‘the Black Death’, 14th century

Black Death at Tourinai, 1349
Black Death at Tourinai, 1349

Sporadic Waves of Plague, 1400 – 1894

17th century London

Third Plague Pandemic – 1894 to c. 1950

Plague Today

Plague Historiography


The Black Death (UK 2010, US 2011)

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