Presentations on the Plague from the European Association of Archaeologists, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016

I just discovered that most of the presentations from the "Plague in Diachronic and Interdisciplinary Perspective" session of the Europan Association of Archaeologists meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania on 2 September 2016 are now on YouTube.  I think I have collected them all here. Enjoy 3 hours of plague talks! Introduction-Plague in diachronic and Interdisciplinary perspective by... Continue Reading →


Wendy Orent on the Plague

Plague: The Mysterious Past and Terrifying Future of the World's Most Dangerous Disease Wendy Orent, New York: Free Press, 2004, reprinted 2013 I've been way for far too long. One of the reasons for the quiet is because I've been reading quite a few books this summer. This book was one of them. I wouldn't normally... Continue Reading →

Visualizing the Plague of Justinian in the Mediterranean

Browsing through this morning I came across some graphics from the Topographies of Entanglements project from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Division of Byzantine Research. Unfortunately there is very little explanation with these graphics. Comparing these two graphs they are not conveying exactly the same information.  How do we define a wave of plague?... Continue Reading →

Remodeling the Plague Phylogenetic Tree

Understanding the molecular history of any organism requires fitting together ancient DNA with the phylogenetic tree constructed with living exemplars. Constructing a bacterial phylogenetic tree is a snapshot of a moving target because its impossible to sample all of the strains.  A recent study by the East Smithfield group ( Bos et al, 2012 [2])... Continue Reading →

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