War as a Driver in Tuberculosis Evolution

by Michelle Ziegler Russia has been all over the news lately. Beyond our recent election, increased Russian activity on the world stage has public health consequences for Europe and farther afield. It has been known for a long time that post-Soviet Russia had and continues to have serious public health problems. One of their particular... Continue Reading →

The Pathogen Buzz of 2016

by Michelle Ziegler Altmetrics recently released the Top 100 scholarly articles list for the year (captured on 15 Nov 2016). Their ranking captures the public discussion on academic articles judged by shares of the online edition, news articles, blog posts and tweets that include the digital object identifier code (doi). (So if you want to improve... Continue Reading →

Not All Medicinal Honey is Alike

Honey has been used in medicine since antiquity. It has been used in everything from wound dressings  to hot tea to sooth a colicky bowel. Modern medicine is finally beginning to investigate the basis for these folk remedies. This month a group from the Netherlands  published a study that compares the bactericidal (bacterial killing) properties... Continue Reading →

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