Contagions Round-up 16: Pestilence and Burials

Romans emerging everywhere! Katy Meyers of Bones Don't Lie writes about cremation cemeteries in the Roman Empire, and on a Viking ship burial in Scotland. Guy Halsall of Historian on the Edge writes about the young and old in the Roman Army. Kristina Killgore of Powered by Osteons writes of a pair of skeletons from... Continue Reading →

Famine and Epidemics Come Hand in Hand

After many natural disasters, famines and epidemics quickly follow with depressing predictability. It is not just a coincidence related to the damaged infrastructure and loss of stored foodstuffs. It has long been thought that there is a direct link between malnutrition and immune suppression, but the mechanism has been,   and is still,  poorly understood.  It... Continue Reading →

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