Famine and Epidemic Anthrax, Saint-Domingue (Haiti), 1770

Earthquakes have brought devastation on the Port-au-Prince region many times in the last 300 years. The 1770 earthquake was stronger and relatively as destructive as the 2010 quake (Ker, 2010). It also was centered near Port-au-Prince and to the west of the city.   Ship captain accounts of the earthquake in the Boston Evening-Post from 9... Continue Reading →


Clonal origins of Haiti’s Cholera epidemic

Haiti had been free of cholera for 50 years when the earthquake struck in January 2010. The destruction of Haiti's infrastructure by the earthquake made it vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks but it was hoped that cholera would pass it by. As we all know by now, this unfortunately has not been the case. Cholera... Continue Reading →

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