Contagions Round-up 20: Past is Prologue in Science too!

Congratulations to Wonders & Marvels for winning the Cliopatria Award for Best History Group Blog of 2011 and to Lindsey Fitzharris of The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice who won the Cliopatria Award for Best History Individual Blog of 2011. What a year for history of medicine!

Starting with Lindsey’s latest post, let’s get this round-up rolling. The Chirurgenon’s Apprentice started the new year with a post on Cold Like the Dead: Learning Dispassion through Dissection.

Marri Lynn of Wonders and Marvels writes about the many medicinal uses Nicolas of Poland found for snakes.  Elizabeth Fix also of Wonders & Marvels writes about the search for immortality and the Philosopher’s Stone. Adrienne Mayor of Wonders & Marvels tells us that the quest for stem-cell like rejuvenation is ancient indeed!

Eric Michael Johnson of Primate Diaries discusses uses of the past by scientists and science writers.

Caroline Rance of The Quack Doctor reviews Moore’s Shropshire Doctors and Quacks.

Here at Contagions, I looked at a study of malaria in 18th century Finland and the process of retrospective diagnosis today.

Katy Meyers of Bones Don’t Lie looks at malaria trends in the UK and the discovery of brucellosis in medieval Albanian remains.

Kristina Killgrove of Powered by Osteons takes on a recent paper on the plague of Athens in the play Oedipus Rex, shares some material on ethics in bioarchaeology (part 1: Americas), and skeletal evidence of lead poisoning in ancient to medieval Rome.

Maryn McKenna of Superbug has been on the trail of completely resistant TB in India and in Italy.

On the other hand, Vincent Racaniello of The Virology Blog celebrates India’s polio free anniversary, and reassessed the mortality rate of ebolavirus, and discusses the recent moratorium on influenza H5N1 transmission research.

Zoonotica writes about the importance of bovine TB that is causing the planned cull of badgers in Britain.

Tara Smith of Aetiology writes about some of her recent research on MRSA in pork products.

Jennifer Frazer of The Artful Amoeba writes a scary finding on the durability of noravirus (Norwalk virus).

Michael Walsh of Infection Landscapes writes on our ancient passengers the Helminths (worms).

Small Things Considered took a look at what’s so scary about restroom microbiota.

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