CDC Warns: Prepare for the Vombie Pandemic

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared. emergency.cdc.govPreparing for a zombie apocalypse is serious business. What causes a zombie pandemic? Any infectious agent that turns its victims into unstoppable threats to people around them. Conditions similar to a zombie pandemic can be caused by many natural disasters that cause a break down of society from hurricanes like Katrina to earthquakes and tsunamis like those that recently devastated Japan. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides some sound, basic advice to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. This year the CDC released a 40 page  Zombie Pandemic graphic novelYou can help our national preparedness by joining the zombie task force at the CDC foundation here.

To get involved join your local Zombie Squad. There are 29 chapters of the Zombie Squad around North America and the UK. Aficionados of all things zombie, they also have very serious functions supporting community emergency preparedness for earthquakes, floods, pandemics and of course zombies. (The Zombie Squad has no official ties to the CDC.)


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