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I’ve been using wordpress for about five years now. I think it’s a great platform. Some of the themes have quirks but overall the platform is super easy to use. It seems as though more people have been moving to wordpress from blogger recently, and some are struggling. I thought I would offer a few tips.


  1. Use a relatively new theme (2 years old or less) to have the best display, most capabilities and fewest problems.
  2. Paste code into the html page not the visual page. Save the html page before going back to the visual page.
  3. Before you insert a graphic or embed a video place text holders -anything you can find easily. I use XXXXXXX above and below where you will embed if you don’t already have text there. This will make it easier to insert text around the graphic or other object.
  4. Graphics can be adjusted in the media library box but once inserted into a post the only way to resize a graphic is by dragging a corner.  You can use the text justify button to move the graphic from side to side. If you only highlight the graphics box that will be all that is justified with the button. Check out your graphics in preview mode because the spacing may look considerably different in preview than in the visual editor.
  5. With graphics, captions can only be put in with the graphics embed tool. You can later modify the caption but put something there to hold the caption space. When you add the caption text don’t erase everything you had to hold the place first or you might loose the caption space.
  6. Use your screen option tools for the post writing screen. (upper right corner of the post page) Make sure you check the revisions box. This will place of box of links to about your last 15 revisions at the bottom of the post page. You can’t lose a post this way! If something weird happens go back 2 or 3 revisions and you should get back all or most of your post before the weirdness.
  7. If you don’t have 10 or more revisions saved at the end of the lengthy post, you aren’t saving often enough. There is an autosave feature but I usually save more often that it activates.
  8. To write without distractions, use the tool with arrows pointing to four corners (first line of the post writing toolbar). It will give you a clean white page with a minimal toolbar visible by mouse rollover at the top of the page.
  9. The dashboard and all the platform working pages (like the post writing pages) are customizable. You can move all of the boxes around the page by dragging. The size of the text writing window can also be manually adjusted at the lower right corner.
  10. Before you publish make sure to check the date listed in the tool. If you began the post on your iPhone then the date is likely to be the date you started the post. This can easily be changed with the edit button. I always save a draft immediately before either publishing or scheduling a post. If you publish a post by accident, the only suggestion I have to take it down without loosing it is to change the visibility to private so no one can see it until you are ready.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to answer.


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