Starting up again

After nearly a six month hiatus I am planning to get this blog going again over the holidays and into the new year. My main focus will be on the plague with an occasional post on smallpox or malaria.

My plague interests fall into a couple categories:

1. Modern research in physical anthropology (DNA, immunology, skeletal analysis, plague pits etc), and modern research on plague models and vectors.

2. I have a particular interest in the first plague pandemic that started during the reign of Emperor Justinian and lasted until about 750.

3. I am hoping to learn a lot more about plague on the Middle East, Egypt in particular, and in Asia. We have been far too Euro-centric in our study of the first and second pandemic.

4. Lastly I would like to learn more about the 3rd pandemic and recent outbreaks.

I think this should keep me busy for quite a while and give me plenty of material for this blog.


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